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Toolkits and Best Practice Information

  • Emerton L. & Howard G. 2008 A Toolkit for the Economic Analysis of Invasive Species. publisher GISP

    (Microsoft Word doc) English | French
  • Wittenber R. & Cock M.J.W. 2001 (eds) Invasive Alien Species: A Toolkit for Best Prevention and Management Practices.  publisher GISP

    (Adobe Acrobat pdf) English | Franšais | Espa˝ol (2.4 MB)
  • Hilliard R. 2005 Best Practice for the Management of Introduced Marine Pests - A Review. publisher GISP

    (Adobe Acrobat pdf) English (2.25 MB) cover (pdf 367 KB)
  • Shine C., Williams N. & GŘndling L. 2000. A Guide to Designing Legal  and Institutional Frameworks on Alien Invasive Species. Environmental Policy and Law Paper No. 40 IUCN - Environmental Law Centre A Contribution to the Global Invasive Species Programme IUCN - The World Conservation Union  (Adobe Acrobat pdf) English | Franšais | Espa˝ol (1.1MB)