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Agriculture Network Information Center (AgNIC)
Link resource category: Database
URL: laurel.nal.usda.gov:8080/agnic/

The University of Maryland AgNIC gateway is a guide to quality agricultural biotechnology information on the Internet. We seek to build a vital resource for researchers, information specialists, educators, and members of the public. The site is updated regularly with new content

Alaska Exotic Plant Mapping Project (AKEPMP)
Link resource category: Database
URL: agdc.usgs.gov/akepic/

The Alaska Exotic Plant Mapping Project (AKEPMP) is a USGSAlaska Science Center (ASC) project that coordinates the compilation of a regional database of exotic plant distributions for Alaska and creates maps for those distributions. The program is based on the cooperation of the ASC and  AKEPIC collaborators. ASC personnel are responsible for collecting exotic plant species field data from collaborators and organizing the data into a master regional database, generating geographic information system (GIS) based distribution maps and distributing the maps and database on the Internet. Collaborators collect exotic plant species field data and submit these data to ASC using suggested standards. These collaborators include state and federal agencies, universities, private consulting firms and other interested parties.

Alien Invader Plants
Link resource category: General information
URL: www.geocities.com/wessaaliens/index.htm

  A site focusing on alien invader plants in South Africa. Contains links and information regarding legislation, eradication, current affirs and more...

Alien Invasive Species in China
Link resource category: General information
URL: www.chinabiodiversity.com/shwdyx/ruq/ruq-index-en.htm
"To better understand the role played by alien invasive species in China and make policy recommendations directed to ensure that invasions do not negatively affect China's biodiversity. BWG has conducted comprehensive surveys and impact assessment on alien invasive species since 1999. This assessment attracted the attention of national administration sectors and the public to the issue and provided the basis for increased research and control of invasive species."

Alien Plant Invaders of Natural Areas in the U. S.
Link resource category: Database
URL: www.nps.gov/plants/alien/list/a.htm

This list of invasive plants affecting natural areas in the U.S. (including Hawaii) has been compiled from a wide variety of publications, reports, surveys, and occasional personal observations. Sources of plant lists include the National Park Service and other federal agencies, state and local natural resource and related departments, Exotic Pest Plant Councils and related organizations, The Nature Conservancy, and universities. Sources for each plant listed are provided on the table (a legend for the source code is provided from the REFERENCE(S) header). The current list includes about 1,100 plants and is updated as needed.

Alien Species in Hawaii
Link resource category: Database
URL: www.hear.org/

The mission of the Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk project (HEAR) is to provide technology, methods, and information to decision-makers, resource managers, and the general public to help support effective science-based management of harmful non-native species in Hawaii and the Pacific.

Alien Species in Hawaii Information Index
Link resource category: Database
URL: www.hear.org/AlienSpeciesInHawaii/index.html

Information about selected alien invertebrates, which are in, or that might/would be invasive or harmful if they reached, Hawaii.

Alien Species in Poland
Link resource category: Database
URL: www.iop.krakow.pl/ias/

Invasive Alien Species (IAS) in Poland are commonly regarded as a major threat for biological diversity. There are a number of organisations addressing the IAS problem of which the "Alien Species in Poland" database is one. Currently there are 555 (and growing) alien species of plants, animals and fungi in the database. For most of them, a set of data was collected, including pathway, place and time of introduction to Poland, current distribution and population trends and impact upon native species, habitats and ecosystems. In some species, there is also information on the need of management and suggested methods of control.

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS).
Link resource category: General information
URL: www.aphis.usda.gov/invasivespecies/
Within this web site are databases identifying and providing information regarding non-indigenous arthropods that have been introduced into North America, and invasive species regulated by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS).

APHIS Regulated Pest List
Link resource category: Database
URL: www.invasivespecies.org/NewInitiatives.html

The Regulated Pest List (RPL) provides focus to APHIS' safeguarding activities, including inspection of commodities for pests in its pre-clearance programs and at US ports-of-entry, surveys for exotic pests, methods for pest risk mitigation, and pest eradication programs. The list largely was derived from pests identified in Title 7, Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 300-399. The list was updated to reflect recent taxonomic nomenclature and pest status. APHIS continually detects threatening new pests through its inspection and survey activities. In addition, due to changes in pest status or new information, certain pests detected through inspection or survey may no longer be regulated. The pests on the list were a known threat at the time the list was posted at this Internet site. Therefore, the RPL does not include all pests for which APHIS would necessarily take action. The RPL is subject to revision. Species names may be considered for addition or removal from the database by sending scientific evidence supporting the proposed change to the address specified in the Internet site.

APIRS Online - Aquatic, Wetland and Invasive Plant bibliographic database of the Centre for Aquatic and Invasive Plants
Link resource category: Database
URL: plants.ifas.ufl.edu/search80/NetAns2/

The APIRS bibliographic database (Copyright 2003 University of Florida), a free online resource devoted to freshwater aquatic and wetland plants, as well as terrestrial and aquatic invasive plants. The database includes annotated citations for more than 60,000 research articles, books and reports about plant ecology, physiology, utilization and control. Items in many languages dating back to the 18th century are in this inclusive database.